Aluminum alloy screens really do not rust it?

Aluminum alloy screens really do not rust it? On this issue, I read a lot of information below I give you a brief introduction:

Aluminum alloy of stainless steel and corrosion resistance refers to the resistance to the surrounding environment, the ability to resist, that is, the degree of corrosion caused by the degree of slow, referred to as passivation. Stainless steel from the chemical theory explained that corrosion is not corrosion, that is, will rust, because it is in the role of the media, the surface will have a layer of Cr2O3-based film, the film is characterized by very thin, More than 10.5% of the conditions, the proportion of the film is greater than the proportion of metal matrix, indicating that the film is very dense, so this film is difficult to be corrosive media breakdown. But this theory is based on the role of chromium.

In fact, due to the diversity of materials in the environment, complexity, under certain conditions need to add other alloying elements to improve and consolidate the corrosion resistance of materials, here to give an example to join the molybdenum element, will make corrosion The product is close to the substrate and the substrate is passivated. It should be noted that the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy is conditional. Medium type, concentration, temperature, pressure, flow rate and other factors of the differences in the corrosion of aluminum alloy is different, so the aluminum alloy is relatively stainless, is not the decision. I believe we read here should also understand that aluminum screens are not stainless steel, so good maintenance is essential.

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