Aluminium network now in daily life is very common and is also widely used, many of the houses in construction will be the use of aluminum, aluminum to create energy-saving and environmental protection of the house. Canada's private residence was we call for the villa, aluminum is precisely in this house water filtration system is important one annulus. This made wavy plate is formed on the roof tiles, whenever the rain time rain will down tile flow under the eaves of the receiving tank, then aluminium network function is filter water impurities, such as leaves, dirt and so on. The rain will along the sink always flows in the cellar, in this period of rain through more than one made of stainless steel wire mesh to ensure the water quality. To collect the rainwater will be used to water plants, car washing, the environmental protection and energy saving equipment every year for the Canadian save a lot of living water, and is convenient for the people's lives.

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