Aluminium network in architectural decoration industry above application is very extensive, in architectural decoration construction on a daily basis is also common to. So here we have to together to see the construction technology of aluminum.
Construction method and operation key:
Embedded anticorrosive wood block: masonry construction, with build by laying bricks or stones with the pre buried anticorrosive wood block (40 * 60 * 60), horizontal distance of 400 ~ 500, the vertical distance of 400.
2, base treatment: finishing wall of dust, eradication loose mortar, wall unevenness in the site selection of cement mortar screed; to be check the wall flat, dry Shop No. 350 asphalt layer to ensure bond tight, strong.
3, wood keel device: choose swell screws will be 40 x 40 wooden keel fixed at the grass-roots level, vertical and horizontal distance to control at the mercy of 600.
4, gypsum board device: gypsum board with 12 thick and 1200 wide paper plate, the use of M4 x 35 wood screws will be fixed on the keel of the gypsum board, screw distance control in the 300 or so, ensure that the gypsum board device.
5, filling and post rock wool board: rock wool board is mainly intended for sound absorption is acoustic wall filling, use white latex, a bit of a sticky wool felt, posted point by 300 x 300 quincunx spread.
6, surface device: device for aluminium network before, the first shop nail glass fiber cloth layer, then nail plate layer using 4 * aluminum strip of width of 20, wood screws fixed, aluminum strip vertical and horizontal to the distance of 600 (and if planning is not the same, in order to plan).

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