The use of aluminum planning is very extensive, the unique characteristics of aluminum, light weight, no rust, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, sound absorption, ventilation, light, intensity and other characteristics, the use of the plate resolution planning is very extensive, aluminum is widely used in indoor wall decoration, ceiling, wall insulation, outdoor bar and small metal curtain wall arts and crafts manufacturing, pollution protection, chemical plants, power plants, sewage treatment plants and other widely hundreds of occupation.
The indoor ceiling decoration hole plate in the small selection of diamond plate, normally used 50x25mm wire diameter, stem thickness 5mm, the surface was the glare of the network, has the advantages of light weight, sound absorption characteristic of aluminum used for ceiling, can guarantee the long time using, mesh deformation caused by gravity and sagging effect, make the whole the roof was irregular wavy, seriously affected the beautiful effect.
The outdoor metal curtain wall aluminum does not rust, light, ventilation and aging characteristics of products, after the installation is completed, because of years of dew in the outdoors, no rust can ensure the beautiful, but also the essential effect of the wall decoration, lighting and ventilation can make the aluminum in the outdoor resist hurricane, no deformation, aging resistance increased in the wall decoration the use of life, by the user's favorite.

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