Aluminum perforated mesh in the normal operation of the stamping parts, will encounter punching mesh size is too large or too small and the size of the larger difference between the case, in addition to thinking to consider forming convex, die size, processing precision and Blanking gap and other ingredients, but also from the following aspects of thinking to consider several aspects of management:

1, the blanking of the initiation of the red pieces due to the need to study punching cutting edge, and pay attention to check the blanking clearance is reasonable, broken stamping due to instability. Mainly for the U-shaped and V-shaped bending of the treatment of this problem, the stamping parts before the implementation of the bend before the guide, bending process of the guide, and bending the process of pressing the material to avoid stamping parts in the bending sprouting Shift is the focus of the problem. Blanking caused by the initiation of the red pieces due to the need to study red cut cutting edge, tube congestion solution, and pay attention to check the blank gap is reasonable.

2, punch edge of the end of the shape, such as the end of the repair slope or arc, due to the blanking force to ease, red pieces prone to material, falsely accused, so the punching mesh size will become larger, and punch end The simplest face (no slope or arc), the punching mesh size will be relatively small, in the specific operation of the actual, should be specific to the specific issues to play, so find a solution to the problem.

3, punching cutting edge wear, the tensile stress increased by the material, stamping parts sprouting material, twisted tend to increase, sprouting material, punching mesh size will become smaller, the material strong suppression, bowl buckle Scaffolding, so that the material initiation of the normative changes, will cause the punching mesh size becomes larger, and slow down the strong suppression, punching mesh size will become smaller.

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