Aluminum perforated metal mesh in a different thickness, different types of aluminum as raw material from punching.
      First, the material: all kinds of aluminum.
      Second, Pass: Long hole, round hole, square hole, triangle hole, scale hole, bridge hole, diamond hole, pentagonal hole, hexagonal hole, horoscopes hole, cross hole, nail hole, plum blossom hole, people word hole, workers word hole and other special-shaped hole.
      Third, aluminum features and advantages are:
      1, light weight, good rigidity, high strength; 3.0mm thick aluminum per square counter-weight 8kg, tensile strength 100-280n / mm2.
      2, good corrosion resistance; adopt kynar-500, hylur500 pvdf fluorocarbon-based material up to 25 years without fading.
      3, good technology; using painting process after the first processing, aluminum can be processed into a variety of complex geometric shapes flat, curved and spherical and the like.
      4, coating uniformity, color variety; advanced electrostatic spraying technology allows adhesion between paint and aluminum uniform, various colors, large selection.
      5, easy to stain, easy cleaning and maintenance; greater advantage aluminum, non-stick fluorine coating film so difficult to attach the aluminum surface contamination, but also has good resistance to cleaning.
      6, easy installation quick construction; aluminum molding factory, construction site without cutting, can be fixed on the skeleton.
      7, recyclable, environmentally friendly; 100% recycled aluminum can, unlike glass, stone, ceramic, aluminum panels and other decorative materials, high recycling value.
      Fourth, aluminum metal mesh surface treatment:
       1 oxide: shiny aluminum products surface smooth as a mirror, the surface after oxidation more conventional general;
       2, drawing: brushed aluminum perforated metal mesh products are mainly used in interior decoration;
       3, electrostatic spray: aluminum metal mesh surface can be painted in different colors, since the metal mesh pass diverse, widely used in decoration, sound and so on.

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