Perforated plate is made of different materials on the plate.
Material: stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, iron plate, low carbon steel, copper etc..
Process: different metal plates are tailored to fit the size of the machine, the numerical control punch on the perforation.
Pass: round hole, square hole, diamond hole, triangle hole, hole star, Naga Madokakong.
Perforated plate in the real life of the application is very wide, can be used as decorative panels, beautiful and generous. Can be made into a variety of utensils, corrosion resistance, strong and durable. Can be made into kitchen supplies high temperature resistance. And so on [1]
Aluminum plate is usually divided into two types:
1 according to the composition of the alloy:
High purity aluminum plate (by 99.9 or more high purity aluminum rolling)
Pure aluminum (the basic components of pure aluminum rolling and into)
Aluminum alloy (aluminum alloy and auxiliary by composition, usually aluminum copper, aluminum manganese, silicon aluminum, aluminum and magnesium, etc.)
Composite aluminum brazing sheet (or special purpose aluminum material composite material through a variety of means)
Aluminum aluminum (aluminum coated outside the thin aluminum sheet used for special purposes)
2 by thickness: (unit mm)
Thin plate (sheet aluminum) 0.15-2.0
Aluminum (sheet 2.0-6.0) aluminum (plate) 6.0-25.0
Thick plate (plate aluminum) 25-200
Five rib pattern plate
Ultra thick plate 200 or more

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