Aluminum mesh with different thickness, different models of aluminum plate for punching and raw materials.

A, material: all kinds of aluminum plate.

Second, pass: a long hole, round hole, square hole, triangle hole, ichthyosis hole, bridge hole, diamond hole, the pentagon hole, hexagonal hole, eight bore hole, cross hole, nails, plum blossom, herringbone bore holes, h and other special-shaped.

Third, the characteristics of the aluminum plate and the advantages are:

1, light weight, good rigidity, high strength; 3.0 mm thick aluminum plate per square to 8 kg, tensile strength n/was 100-280.

2, good corrosion resistance; The kynar - 500, hylur500 materials for the PVDF fluorocarbon lacquer can be up to 25 years do not fade.

3, good manufacturability; Using spray painting process after processing first, aluminum plate can be processed into plane, arc and spherical all kinds of complicated geometry.

4, uniform coating, colorful; Advanced electrostatic spraying technology makes the paint and the adhesion between aluminum plate uniform, color variety, choose space is large.

5, and defile not easily, easy cleaning and maintenance; Aluminum plate edge is bigger, fluorine coating film of viscosity, make the aluminum plate surface adhesion pollutants very hard, have good to clean sex more.

6, convenient installation; Aluminum molding in the factory, construction site without cutting, can be fixed on the frame.

7, can be recycled, is better for the environment; Aluminum plate can be 100% recovery, is different from the glass, stone, ceramic, the adornment material such as aluminum, high recycling value.

Four, aluminum plate mesh surface treatment:

1, oxidation: the glossy series product surface is bright and clean as a mirror, aluminum oxide surface after comparing conventional general;

2, wire drawing, aluminum plate mesh wire products are mainly used in indoor decoration;

3, electrostatic coating, can be sprayed on the surface of the aluminum plate mesh color, due to the mesh type variety, are widely used in decoration, sound absorption, etc.

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