The appropriate method for the reason of corrosion of metal in the hole net of punching net should be adopted in the view of metal corrosion.

Commonly used methods are: [to change the internal structure of the metal], such as the production of a variety of corrosion-resistant alloys, such as the addition of chromium, nickel and other stainless steel in ordinary steel.

[method] covering the protective layer on the surface of the metal, the metal products are isolated from the surrounding corrosion medium, thereby preventing the corrosion of the metal products.

Such as: 1. Oil on the iron and steel parts surface is coated with a, Vaseline, paint or enamel, plastic covered with corrosion resistant non-metallic materials. 2 with electroplating, hot plating, plating and other methods, the steel surface is plated with a layer of corrosion of metal, such as zinc, tin, chromium, nickel and so on. These metals are often oxidized to form a dense layer of oxide film, which prevents water and air corrosion of steel.

3 by means of chemical steel surface to form a layer of dense stable oxide film. Such as the formation of a fine layer of black in magnetite film machine parts, guns and other steel parts surface. [method] using the principle of galvanic cell to protect metal, trying to eliminate the galvanic corrosion of the original battery reaction. Electrochemical protection method is divided into two categories: anodic protection and cathodic protection. Application of cathodic protection. [on the corrosion medium of treatment to remove the corrosive medium, such as a wipe metal equipment, often in precision instruments placed desiccant and adding a little down the speed of corrosion inhibitor in corrosive medium.

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