Stainless steel wire mesh not only has a strong anti-corrosion, Naisuan Jian and wear resistance, and set the mechanical strength and high elongation in one, is widely used in production and life:

1, in the industrial sector, the application of wire mesh products from low-carbon steel wire to stainless steel wire. For example, the oil industry for the mud network, chemical fiber industry for sieve, electroplating industry for pickling net, stainless steel wire mesh in acid and alkali environment for screening and filtration is excellent.

2, in the construction, stainless steel wire mesh is mainly used for mechanical safety protection, followed by it can also be used instead of wood production walls and ceilings, corrosion resistance, and durable.

3, in daily life, can be used as anti-mosquito fly screens, because it is not easy to be damaged, it also has anti-theft function; also can be used for housing, hotel decoration network, product specifications, material variety, The scope is very wide.

With the people of stainless steel wire mesh products continue to deepen their understanding, the demand will be more and more, the application will be more and more broad. Stainless steel wire mesh products have been inseparable from us.

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