Brass mesh, just as its name implies is to use brass as a raw material for processing punching a punching sheet. Brass refers to an alloy of copper and zinc, and can be broken down into simple brass, brass and complex complex brass and in the third group of yuan named for nickel, brass, silicon brass, etc.; Brass is by two or more elements of a variety of special brass alloy is called. Such as lead, tin, manganese, nickel, iron, copper alloy composed of silicon. Brass strong wear resistance. Special brass also called special brass, its high strength, high hardness, strong resistance to chemical corrosion.

Brass mesh production processing technology and the common metal mesh at the same process. Are divided into: the development of mold, punching, cutting, trimming, leveling, cleaning, molding and processing, etc.

A, development mold. Mesh production process begins with precise mold design, the quality of a mold in large program on determines the quality of the products, so in recent years, we spend a lot of money in punching die, and energy.

Second, the punching. We adopt the most advanced domestic WKC - 2000 type CNC punch press equipment production. Stepper motor feeding and PLC control operation, make the precision of the product + / - 0.15 MM, and implement standardized management.

Three, cutting. From the whole board cut into you need to size.

Four, cutting edge. If the production process of plate edge is beyond the tolerance range of your requirements, our skilled technical personnel can according to your request help you eliminate redundant edges

Five, the leveling. Leveling machine can we use the coining of the deformation state of punching board to restore its original level. Plate thickness of 0.8 mm to 12 mm steel plate can be leveling.

Six, clean. Punching process requires the use of lubricant, but we also have a trace on the surface of the oil removal process can remove it and make the orifice plate is clean.

Seven, production molding and processing. In addition to the customer reservation, we can also provide you with a series of subsequent processing, including: leveling, cutting, marking, packaging, oil removal, to stab, forming, annealing, spray paint, electroplating, welding, polishing, bending, roll, etc.

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