Stainless steel mesh, after completion of processing is often the need for further processing. According to the customer's requirements for cutting processing, but in the process of cutting, stainless steel mesh, there will be a common problem in this is to share with you a few major problems.

Stainless steel perforated metal cutting is under the environment of high temperature, and at the time of cutting will produce a lot of heat, thermal conductivity is not very good, but the stainless steel heat all focus on the cutting area and the blade. The difficulty of the cutting is opposite bigger, stainless steel hardness is very high, good plasticity, tenacity is big, at the time of processing, cutting easy adhesion result in cutting stainless steel surface, led to increasing tool wear, affect the quality of cutting plate. Stainless steel plate is easy to expand, in the process of cutting processing, produce a lot of heat, increases the difficulty of the cutting.

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