Not only is the network of carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate net, aluminum is very often a sheet, because it uses the occasion to be different, the shape category also many differences.
The classification here is based on a different pattern, which is based on a compass aluminum alloy plate. This is an anti slip aluminum plate, the role is more outstanding, but it is not widely used. There is a depressed appearance and orange peel like markings, so called peel aluminum alloy sheet.
There is the same excellent antiskid effect, and are widely used in the five reinforced aluminum alloy stripe sheet, because the aluminum surface markings is in accordance with the five level markings according to relative placed in parallel, and between the each paragraph markings and other markings are sixty to eighty degrees angle, so the anti slip function excellent, price also very has the advantage.
There is a dedicated to the decoration plate, that is spherical markings aluminum sheet, the appearance of a a small spherical markings. Because of the special nature of this pattern, the strength of the plate is very high.
In addition to the above mentioned these kinds of aluminium network, there are many, containing wavy markings material, solid triangular aluminum stripe sheet, diamond shaped aluminum alloy stripe sheet and so on, we can according to the practice of the need to choose the most suitable that.
Light weight: density, small, relatively light weight, the construction of the convenience; corrosion resistance: has excellent corrosion resistance, can effectively extend the service life; strength: can be used for a long time and will not deformation and damage; ventilation: hole like structure has excellent ventilation, can resist 12 level of hurricane; beautiful: because of his resistance to corrosion and aging, so his surface is bright, has a strong ornamental.

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