Stainless steel wire heat treatment can improve the quality of the product, stainless steel wire surface quality is good or bad, and heat treatment process has a great relationship in the stainless steel wire heat treatment process if the defects will seriously affect the stainless steel wire pickling process, thus affecting the surface quality, the following For everyone:

1, uneven oxide scale:

If the thickness of the surface of the stainless steel wire is not uniform, the thickness of the surface of the base metal below the thin ground and the lower surface of the base metal is also different, and the surface oxide of the surface oxide is dissolved and oxidized Different, so the stainless steel wire surface is not uniform. Therefore, in the heat treatment heating, we must make it evenly formed scale, to achieve consistency.

2, contact surface differences:

Gas or oil flame contact with the stainless steel surface and the place where there is no difference in the scale of the scale. Therefore, it is necessary to make the treatment member not directly in contact with the flame port during heating.

3, oxide skin residue:

If the local part of the treatment before the heat treatment in the residual oxide, heating the remaining parts of the scale and the location of the scale without oxidation, there will be differences in the thickness and composition of the scale, causing pickling after the surface is not uniform, so Not only to pay attention to the final heat treatment, but also pay full attention to the middle heat treatment and pickling.

4, the surface finish different:

The surface finish does not have the same effect, if the surface finish is different, even if the same heating, the surface roughness and fine oxide scale is not the same. For example, where the local defects are cleaned and where they are not cleaned, the conditions of the formation of the scale are different, so that the surface of the workpiece is not uniform after pickling.

5, the furnace atmosphere:

Differences in the atmosphere of the furnace The atmosphere of the furnace in the local differences, the formation of a scale will change, which is caused by pickling after uneven reasons. So in the heating, the furnace parts of the atmosphere must be the same. To this end, we must also consider the cycle of the atmosphere.

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