Many customers believe that after the galvanized metal punching mesh is not rusty, in fact, this understanding is not correct, galvanized punching plate used too long will appear rust phenomenon, here Briefly explain the reasons for rust.

One is pre-galvanized, one is the latter secondary galvanized. Pre-galvanized galvanized sheet is directly used for processing, this processing technology is cheaper, the second galvanized is in the punching net after the production and processing, semi-finished products using electroplating or hot-plating processing, the general use of secondary galvanized The period is 5-6 years. If the customer decided to use pre-galvanized, we can use some galvanized layer thick galvanized sheet to process, so that the use of life can reach 5-6 years. If the customer can be secondary treatment of galvanized layer, the service life may be longer, a long time will be rusty.

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