Glass fiber screens are cleaned

The main function of stealth screens is ventilation and mosquito, not really invisible, but the use of the yarn line than the traditional plate sieve line by the fine, after installation gives a looming illusion, and has a light transmission performance, no Toxic and tasteless, long life and other advantages.

Screens are mainly to prevent mosquito bites, but the screens do not keep clean, then not only mosquitoes do not come, the air flow is not good, easy to cause indoor ventilation effect is poor, so pay attention to the screen cleaning work for some temporary dust, You can always take a wet cloth or sponge on both sides of the clean-up; if you do not have a long time, the accumulation of dust above, you can pull down the window, cover a layer of newspapers in the above, with a small spray to spray up the water until the newspaper all wet, After a while the newspaper will be peeled off, so that dust will be covered in the newspaper, you can get the effect of cleaning.

You will not because the screens become dirty and feel very bad, but do not know how to clean up? Today for you to explain how to make dirty screens become white da da!

1. If only dust, soaked with warm water for 1 hour, you can wash with detergent. If it is juice, wash with spinach juice.

2. If it can be disassembled directly on the big pot, put the water plus detergent on the line. You can not be removed with a brush to wash.

3. The flour mixed with water, viscous paste in the screens, 30 minutes later (about 20 degrees room temperature), wash with water can be.

4. Can be used 84 disinfectant, according to 1: 150 cold water deployment, requires full immersion in the solution, 15 minutes later, rinse the water, dry.

5. Wash with vinegar, then wash it with detergent soon clean.

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