Coil thickness 0.2mm - 1mm, length 1m-20m, aperture 0.8mm - 10mm;

Flat thickness 0.3mm - 10mm, scale 1.53m, aperture 0.8mm - 100mm.

Galvanized processing technology:

1. Hot dip galvanized punching net. The steel sheet was immersed in a molten zinc bath to adhere a thin layer of zinc to the outer surface thereof. At present, the first choice of continuous galvanizing technology is produced, that is, into a roll of steel plate dip in the melting of zinc plating made of galvanized steel plate;

2. galvanized steel. The galvanized steel sheet produced by electroplating has excellent processability. But the coating is thin, corrosion resistance is not hot-dip galvanized sheet.

Hole, hole, hole, hole, square hole, diamond hole, triangular hole, hexagonal hole, polygon hole, cross hole, word hole, plum blossom hole, long waist hole, fish scale hole, picture hole, star Hole, from the hole, irregular holes, shaped holes, blinds and so on.


(1) stamping, easy processing, fish scale punching net offer, for a variety of thickness of the plate, widely used, easy to install;

(2) flat surface, lubrication, high precision, small error, bending resistance, anti-aging, durable;

(3) a variety of selected aperture and placement methods, obvious to the appearance, scale, lighter weight, outstanding sound-absorbing effect. Standard, picture, aperture, material, thickness can be customized according to customer request processing.

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