How to change screens yourself

First, we need to measure the size of our screen with a ruler to determine the amount of raw material we need to purchase. The data to be measured is the length and width of the screen window, or very simple.

2, is to buy raw materials, including screens and battens. Screens which are generally divided into white and black, you can choose according to their own hobbies, the size of the purchase regardless of length / width must be slightly larger than the size of the screen. Needle length of not less than the perimeter of the screen can be. The so-called pressure is actually a sponge.

3, need to take off the screen, this is not complicated, just need to hold both sides of the screen with both hands to lift, after which the screen can be taken out from below.

4, pay attention to see the small groove on the screen window, the inside is pressed into the screen into the window, which played the role of fixed screens. So before installation, we need to remove the bead from the groove to remove the original window screening.

5, Next, we need to clean the window frame, dry with a new pressure to the new window into the groove, and cut off the extra pressure and screens. This time we got a brand new window.

6, Finally, we also need to reassemble the screen back to the window, just need to re-top the window top, you can easily put the lower part back again, I believe you have to demolish a very easy to get.

Be sure to pay attention to safety and avoid accidents when removing and installing screens.

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