How to guarantee the smoothness of punching net

1, and related materials. Different materials after the press is not the same degree of deformation, deformation largest stainless steel, it is difficult leveling, this is because the stainless steel, it has a certain toughness, so the latter is difficult to achieve leveling with no punch before Like flatness; 2, and the diameter, pitch related. The smaller the hole spacing denser, more bad flatness, when CNC punching force when punching a punch needle and stainless steel plate annealing process is equivalent to a stainless steel plate, so the plate hard, not leveled. 3, the flatness of the plate is left side. The larger the flatness of the left side of the poor in particular, the opening rate is high, the larger the aperture, and a large blank sides of particularly bad leveling, even leveling, because transportation loading unloading will be punching network deformed again. In summary, after the metal mesh (perforated plate, net hole, sieve) process is completed, need to be leveled. The so-called "leveling", that is the use of leveling machines and other equipment to CNC punching after punching a flat plate to restore the original condition. And typically include cleaning after punching plate leveling, this period will be used lubricant disposal, so that CNC punching plate cleaner. In addition, in order to reduce as much as possible the process of making metal mesh emergence of various errors, small series introduced before production would determine how that process, the use of what kind of mold, ways to ensure the stamping out of the product better flatness so that it can ensure maximum quality CNC punching products.

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