Punching sheet, stainless steel sieve plate, due to its good practicability and aesthetics characteristics in various aspects have all have different purposes, as a result, different users for stainless steel perforated plate product specifications, style, and so on various aspects requirements are different.

Stainless steel perforated plate was gradually applied to various fields, the so-called stainless steel perforated plate is made of the material of stainless steel punching mesh, made of stainless steel perforated plate have numerous advantages, the main advantage is: smooth surface, smooth, beautiful, durable, has a wide range of USES. Under the application of stainless steel perforated plate provides great convenience for people, enrich the life.

But how to identify by the quality of stainless steel sheet?

First of all, at the very least a qualified punching sheet is absolutely conforms to the norms and standards of the state.

Second, punching sheet is a bit rigid, tolerance, good balance tension.

Again, punching sheet can be surrounding edge, but it can be according to customer requirements, the mainest is not harm the skin, but also the fracture phenomenon will not occur.these are the most basic method of identification for the stand or fall of a punching sheet, is completely can according to the above method to identify.

Qualification certificate