1, stored in a dry and well ventilated indoor space or with temperature and humidity control of the space (preferably room temperature 25 degrees, humidity 50 degrees). It is strictly forbidden to be exposed to high temperature and humidity, and avoid storage with acid, alkali, salt and other materials

2, if the surface of stainless steel bleach and a variety of acid attached, please immediately rinse with water, and then ammonia solution or neutral soda solution of sulfuric acid dip, washed with neutral detergent or warm water. Stainless steel surface dust and easy to remove dirt, can be soap, weak detergent or warm water washing. Therefore, the surface of the stainless steel wire mesh must be regularly cleaned and maintained to maintain its bright surface and extend the service life.

3, cleaning the surface of the stainless steel mesh must pay attention to the phenomenon can not occur surface scratches, to avoid the use of bleaching ingredients and grinding agent washing liquid, wire ball, grinding tools, etc., in order to get rid of the washing liquid, wash the end of clean water and then rinse the surface The Stainless steel surface passivation film in the weak corrosion resistance of the site, due to self-excited reaction and the formation of pitting corrosion reaction, resulting in small holes, coupled with the chloride ion close to the formation of a strong corrosive solution to accelerate the rate of corrosion reaction Very bad for stainless steel. As well as stainless steel internal intergranular corrosion cracking, all of which, on the surface of the stainless steel passivation film are destroyed.

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