For aluminum oxide is not a good thing, after the oxidation of aluminum plate is very ugly, but also for users is also a great loss. Aluminum oxidation is almost can't use, but is there any way to prevent aluminum oxide?

First of all, is the matter of packing, it is important to control temperature and humidity, so to make the packaging wooden shaft, box board humidity is not more than 18%, packaging aluminum coil temperature is not more than 45 ℃.

Second, if by the low temperature zone in high temperature, high humidity area, don't open the seal packing immediately. To make wuxi aluminum plate can have time to adapt to the environment, workshop, warehouse roof has a leak rain, snow, should not be placed aluminum coil. To strengthen the management of the dry air, ensure no water in the compressed air. In addition, strengthen the management of rolling oil, control the water content under 0.04%. Aluminum foil roll packing seal should be adopted, at the same time, each volume should be put into the right amount of desiccant. To reduce the surface of the aluminum contact with air and water, well above these measures, can largely prevent the oxidation of aluminum plate, an important role for the protection of aluminum plate.

In a focus on the aluminum plate punching plate is aluminum plate for the numerical control punch processing raw materials, materials because of its special aluminum plate punching process can appear sometimes scratches affect beautiful and use. To avoid this situation, I can give a thin layer of plastic film on the aluminum plate. Effect is a physical process, a layer of film a layer of aluminum plate after high temperature and high pressure pressing and into. A lot of advantage laminating process, neither oxidation by air and humidity, in the process of production and reduce the injury of aluminum plate.

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