Oxidation for aluminum is not a good thing, after the oxidation of the aluminum plate is very difficult to see, but also for the user is a big loss. The oxidation of aluminum sheet can hardly be used, but there is no way to prevent the oxidation of aluminum sheet?

First of all, in terms of packaging, it is important to control temperature and humidity, so to make the wood shaft of the packaging, the humidity of the board is not more than 18%, the temperature of packaging aluminum coil is not more than 45.

Secondly, if the low temperature zone transported into the high temperature and humidity of the region, do not immediately open the sealed package. To let Wuxi aluminum sheet can have time to adapt to the environment, workshop, warehouse roof has leaks, snow, should not be placed aluminum coil. To strengthen the management of air drying, to ensure that the compressed air in water. In addition, to strengthen the management of rolling oil, the water content of the control in the following 0.04%. Aluminum foil packaging packaging should be sealed packaging, and each volume should be put in the right amount of desiccant. Reduce the surface of aluminum plate and air and water contact, do a good job of these measures, to a large extent, to prevent the oxidation of aluminum, for the protection of aluminum plate has an important role.

In one point is the aluminum plate punching is the raw material numerical control punching process, because of the special material in the process of punching, sometimes there will be a beautiful appearance and use of scratches. In order to avoid the occurrence of this situation, you can give the aluminum plate covered with a thin layer of plastic film. Film covering is a physical process, a layer of a layer of aluminum plate through high temperature and high pressure. Film covering technology has many advantages, it will not be air and humidity oxidation, in the production process and reduce the damage to the aluminum plate.

1, anti fume: by PVC high light film processing, easy to clean.

2, wear-resistant: unique PET layer, strong and durable.

3, anti damp: surface coating, relief of water and aluminum direct contact, strong durability.

4, feel good: the surface has a layer of film, touch smooth, change the metal material cold single feeling.

5, color and more: by a variety of colors to choose from.

6, moderate price, good price.

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