With the chemical industry, food, medicine, construction and other industries of rapid development, the application of stainless steel wire mesh more and more widely, not only exports, and the market is quite broad.

Stainless steel mesh in the manufacturing process to go through the wire drawing, quenching, weaving and other processes, in the wire due to the occasional lack of hydrogen supply, the local black and yellow oxide film (black and yellow silk) and the process of weaving and oil pollution. Effective removal of black and yellow oxide film and table oil and oil to improve product quality is of great significance.

At present, many methods of degreasing, chemical degreasing, electrochemical degreasing, ultrasonic degreasing and so on. However, the black and yellow dense oxide film produced during quenching has not yet found a very effective removal method.

We have studied a variety of chemical treatment methods, such as alkaline degreasing degreasing after corrosion, in the table and the active agent and other additives in the complex acid cleaning solution. Found that the material for the 1Cr18Ni9Ti the screen with a chemical method to remove the oxide film is not good, the cleaning solution of acid concentration, soaking time should not be controlled. Soaking time is short or the concentration of acid in the cleaning solution is low, the black and yellow oxide film is not net, the time people or the high concentration of acid in the cleaning solution will cause the screen people to change color. Production practice has proved that the use of new technology, everyone can reduce the labor intensity, improve work efficiency, after the treatment of the wire mesh and mesh consistent light.

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