We are in the purchase of fabric, the most important thing is to see the quality, and the quality of the problem is about to be edge, etc., a complete fabric as long as a drop will devalue, and even affect the use, and we can do In fact, this truth is the same, stainless steel wire mesh if the edge will also affect the appearance and use, that stainless steel wire mesh is how to wrap it? The

Wrapped stainless steel wire mesh is made of ginning looms made of stainless steel wire woven mesh, the hole has a variety of uses of the product. It is characterized in that the crimped ginning web is made of two pre-bent wavy wires, woven in plain, since the stainless steel wire is preformed in a mold, so that the two biased wires are relatively accurate Position, retaining the absolute value of such mesh size.

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