Iron plate mesh, also called low carbon steel mesh. Materials: ordinary iron plate. Stamping, smooth surface, smooth, beautiful, strong and durable.

Common specifications: 1 x20m coil plate, plate 1 x2m, can also be customized according to customer needs processing.

Usage: mining, pharmaceutical, food selection, indoor sound insulation, sound attenuation, grain ventilation, mechanical protection.

Iron plate mesh is widely used because of its relatively low price. The arrangement of the mesh and the general pass is as follows:

1, 60 ° staggered: 60 ° the plum flower arrangement in the natural high strength and wide opening rate and striking appearance become one of the most popular choice.

2, 45 ° staggered: compared with the former, 45 ° plum flower arrangement gives people another choice.

3, inline: another round hole arrangement is straight line, straight line can also have a variety of holes and opening rate, but it is a round hole in the series resistance to pressure the worst one.

4, square hole, punching net square hole relative to the round hole provided people with greater opening rate, but the pressure resistance is low. Therefore more suitable for higher requirements for the product visibility. So it is widely used in the adornment of the store and the machine guard.

5, slotted hole: wrong line of slotted hole is mainly used for screening of the solid.

6, slotted hole (straight line) : straight row of the slotted hole is mainly used in vibration sieve and filter.

7, hexagonal hole opening rate can increase to a great extent.

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