Many users would like to know the mesh (punching plate, round hole net) how is the price of accounting? And what factors? Mesh factory reveal to you:

The price of the mesh is determined according to what? Punching net price involves factors are many, the most basic is the perforated metal sheet material, thickness, size, the diameter of the punch and spacing, and the arrangement of mesh method. These are the most basic requirement, of course, customers also can be galvanized or jinsu such as surface treatment requirements, or require bending, forming, cutting, etc., these factors also can affect the price of the mesh. Of course, there is another important factor, is a number, quantity is with preferential treatment, everyone knows this truth.

Mesh (punching plate, round hole net) is generally the price of the price of raw materials and processing fee. The process cost to much and just mentioned plate thickness, size, aperture, hole spacing and specific factors such as surface treatment, if you need further processing to decide.

Now mesh (punching plate, round hole net) involves a lot of industries, a wide range of applications, and mesh price absolutely is a technology. If not professional personnel engaged in perforated metal production, is the most in line with the market, it is difficult to quote us the most accurate, the most reasonable price.

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