Mesh is widely used in every aspect of life. Mesh grille is composed of parallel metal bars and framework. Tilt installed in a water channel, or into the water pump station, at the inlet of the pump well to intercept bulky suspended solids and impurities in wastewater. In the drainage engineering, mesh grille is used to remove plugging water pump machine and pipe valves relatively bulky suspended solids, and ensure the normal operation of the subsequent treatment facilities can.

Slag removal method of the mesh grille has two kinds of artificial remove and mechanical removal. Every grid slag quantity is greater than 0.2 m, general mechanical clearance method should be adopted.

1, artificial cleaning grille

Small and medium-sized city sewage treatment plant or required to intercept pollutants quantity is small, can be used manually from the grid. Artificial slag removal grille, is generally not less than 2 times of pressure pipe canal effective area, in order to prevent slag removal too often.

2, machinery grille

Mechanical slag removal grille water area, the general should not be less than 1.2 times of effective area of inlet pipe canal. Grille gate of the cross section shape of circle, square, rectangular and circular hydraulic condition is relatively good square, but less stiffness. Now use the cross section forms for a rectangular grid.

Must be properly set grid channel width, should maintain proper speed make water, can let silt deposition in the bottom of the trench, also can let the intercept pollutants and not across the grille. In order to guarantee the normal work of the mesh grille, in actual use, urban sewage generally take 0.1 ~ 0.4 m. For industrial wastewater, according to the article use the punching mesh spacing and cleaning intervals, should be left by a partial blockage of the necessary security.

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