Mesh is a common kind of metal plate in our lives, it has a lot of raw materials, can be made into different kinds of mesh, all walks of life to be able to choose according to their actual use of different kinds of mesh. Of course, the specifications of the mesh is also varied, thick, thin, big, small, every specification in different places can come in handy. In real life, mesh to use mainly about several aspects.

Used in electronic industry. In the electronics industry, the most common used to mesh is sound of dust-proof enclosures, this product is easy to processing, can spray paint, polishing and made, and the installation time is also very convenient. This dust-proof enclosures is very remarkable, because its plates with various thickness, can provide a variety of options for people, pass and arrangement is very good also, lighter weight, the most important thing is a long service life.

Widely used in other industries. In terms of chemical machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, arts and crafts production and paper industry, and other industries are useful to the mesh. Overall mesh in the proprietary industry USES to widely use than is in daily life, more technical purposes, but mesh application in high-end products the most fundamental purpose is to meet the needs of the people.

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