Metal mesh application is becoming more and more widely, but in the ensuing easy to rust problem also affects people. So the problem how to solve? Mesh factory to share with you a few tips:

One is the changing structure of the internal organization of metal mesh. Such as: manufacturing all kinds of corrosion resistance of the alloy, such as in ordinary steel with chromium, nickel, etc. Made of stainless steel.

Second, protection method, is in the metal surface protective cover, metal products and corrosion around the dielectric isolation, to prevent corrosion. Such as: electroplating, hot dip, spraying methods, such as a layer on steel surface plating is not easy to corrode metal, such as zinc, tin, chromium, nickel, etc. These metals are often due to oxidation and form a dense layer of oxide film, so as to prevent water and air on the corrosion of steel.

In addition you can also use electricity chemical protection of perforated metal to rust, that is the protection of the metal by using the galvanic battery principle, trying to get rid of the electrochemical corrosion caused by galvanic cell reaction. Electrochemical protection law falls into two types: the anode and cathode protection. Application more is cathodic protection. Have to deal with the corrosion medium, is to eliminate the corrosive medium, such as clean metal equipment often wipe, desiccant is placed in precision instruments, and add a small amount can slow down the corrosion in the corrosive medium speed of corrosion inhibitors, etc.

And impressed current protection methods of metal mesh to rust, is the metal to be protected and the power of the cathode connection, can choose a piece of conductive positive inert materials. After electrify, the metal surface of negative charge accumulation, and thus inhibit the protected metal electron donors and to achieve. This method is mainly used to prevent metal in soil, water and river water equipment from corrosion.

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