Aluminum veneer is suitable for all kinds of building external walls, the lobby facade, column act the role ofing, elevated corridors, pedestrian bridge, elevators bag, balcony package while, widely recently signs, indoor alien condole top, etc.

Product introduction

Aluminum sheet curtain wall USES the quality of high strength aluminum alloy plate, the commonly used thickness of 2.0, 2.0, 2.0 mm, its structure is mainly composed of panel, stiffener and Angle code. The clock pulse generator code can be directly by the panel riveting on the small side of the bracket forming. Reinforcement and the plate after welding screw connection, making it a solid whole, greatly enhance the strength and rigidity aluminum panel curtain wall, to ensure the long-term use of roughness and wind resistance seismic ability. If you need to sound insulation heat preservation can install effective sound insulation heat preservation material in aluminum sheet inside.

Product features

Aluminum sheet curtain wall heavy scene light, high strength, waterproof, anti-fouling, fire prevention, corrosion resistance, good processing performance, low maintenance cost, long service life. Aluminum curtain wall veneer can be booked into solitary form and abnormity, the surface can be painted a variety of color, form all sorts of beautiful design in metope, and can and glass curtain wall and other different form appearance, make building more noble and elegant style.

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