Aluminum single sheet is applicable to all kinds of construction internal and external wall, lobby window, column decoration, the elevated corridor, pedestrian bridges, elevator hemming, the balcony edge, advertising signs, profiled indoor ceiling decoration.
Product introduction
Single aluminum plate curtain wall with concern for the quality of high strength aluminum alloy plate, the usual thickness is 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 mm, the structure mainly by the panel, stiffener and a corner code composition. Clock pulse generator code directly from the small side panel on riveting corner molding. Welding spiral reinforcing rib and the surface of call connection, to become a solid whole, has greatly enhanced the strength and rigidity of the aluminum veneer curtain wall, to ensure the long-term use of flatness and anti-seismic capability. If you need a sound insulation and insulation can be installed in the inner side of the aluminum plate and efficient insulation materials.
Product characteristics
Aluminum veneer curtain wall heavy light, high strength, waterproof, anti fouling, fire, corrosion resistance, good processing performance, low maintenance costs, long service life. Aluminum curtain wall veneer can be ordered in the industry and trade into a solitary shaped and shaped, the surface can be painted a variety of colors, in the wall form a variety of beautiful patterns, and glass curtain wall, such as the combined into different appearance shape, make the building more noble and elegant style.

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