Stainless steel mesh, when carry on the processing, are carried out in accordance with the drawings provided by customers punching. Encountered in the process of production tends to punch the mesh with the appearance of burr. This is what we don't want to see, how to make the mesh surface is bright and clean, this is key in the mesh processing.

Some businesses say, as long as the production environment, good processing conditions won't appear such problems. This is just an assumption that people, in fact, no matter how good conditions, burr is will appear. Renovation of elbow cutting resistance such as cutting resistance is much smaller, but please keep reserved in front of the Angle. To achieve the goal of improving punching sheet surface finish. When a burr with sand paper for secondary grinding can remove.

Smooth mesh is not a lot of time can be, it requires a lot of working procedure to complete. The emergence of the burr can only use tools to burnish is flat and level.

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