For since a plate punching standards are needed and not very understand, for the convenience of our customers production and processing, for your finishing some for the common standards for the piercing screen, only for us to see. Specific commodity production drawings or goods production also need to look at the actual situation, here we have a brief look at the board of the long, wide and thick.
Usually stainless steel punching mesh, because the material is plate and materials offer relatively speaking of quotation is played a very important effect, a little thin plate relatively punching process is relatively simple, cost compared to thicker to much cheaper, but in terms of technology, aperture in a small example 1mm below the proportional piercing screen, processing fees to many high, this is because in the punching process, small punch needle strength, easy breakage, so you need to replace a broken needle, processing it is time-consuming and difficult. In accordance with the principle of minimum aperture, the appropriate thickness of the plate is more conducive to add the ability to withstand the compressive strength of goods. Plate generally have certain public service. We can punch the punching net plate thickness between 0.1mm-25mm. Punching net sheet is the length of the long side of the fingerboard scale, width refers to the short side of the scale. In the standard is generally 1000mm*2000mm, 1000mm*n meters coil. We can also do a variety of standards in accordance with your piercing screen standard goods. We have all year round of the 1mm hole, 1mm distance, as well as 0.5mm hole 0.5mm distance, there are many of our main products.

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