Punching way of punching net

1, continuous punching in the same direction: the use of partially overlapping rectangular metal mesh mold processing methods, can be processed long hole, trimming and the like.
2, continuous molding: molding is larger than the perforated metal mesh size of the mold forming methods, such as large-sized shutters, roll bars, rolling stairs and other processing methods.
3, nibble: Use small round mold with a small step away from the arc-shaped continuous punching processing methods.
4, continuous punching multi-directional: the use of small metal mesh macroporous mold processing methods.
5, a single molding: mold shape by forming a shallow drawing processing methods.
6, single-shot: a single complete punching, including linear distribution, circular distribution, circular distribution, punching holes in the grid.
7, forming the array: processing workpieces of the same or different in the way more than a large board.

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