Requirements for materials for punching net

First, the good surface quality of a good surface quality material, not easy to break when the workpiece punching sieve, waste reduction; mold easy bruising, life expectancy increased, and good surface quality of the parts. Therefore, the general requirements for stamping surface smooth, almost whole, scale, crack, rust, scratches and other defects.
Second, in line with the thickness of the die gap tolerances national standard is determined by the thickness of the material, so the material thickness tolerances shall meet the standards prescribed by the State. Otherwise, the thickness tolerance is too large, it will affect the quality of the workpiece, and may cause damage to the mold and equipment.
Third, the good performance of punching punching plate punching performance refers to a variety of stamping sheet metal processing methods adaptability. Metal stamping method is based on a plastic processing methods, therefore, it requires materials with good ductility.
For plastic, required to allow deformation of the material to a large extent, you can reduce the number of sieve stamping process and intermediate annealing times. For the separation step also requires a certain degree of plasticity, while the yield limit of the material requires slightly higher, get higher quality rear section to facilitate punching.

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