Materials are the main silencer punching plate plate, galvanized plate, color steel plate, can be folded, according to the requirements of molding, spray, galvanized and other processing. In the pass can be based on user requirements, such as: round, louver, rectangular hole, etc..

Silencing punched plate material: usually galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, nickel plate and alloy plate as raw material.

Main features: stamping; its performance bending resistance, anti-aging, not easy to rust.

The structure of punching plate for silencing perforation and perforation panel backplane, relying on high quality adhesive aluminum honeycomb core directly bonded aluminum honeycomb sandwich structure, honeycomb core and back panel and paste a layer of sound-absorbing cloth.

Because the honeycomb cores in aluminum plate is divided into many enclosed compartment, prevents air flow, the sound wave is hindered, improve the sound absorption coefficient, and the plate itself increases the strength of the single sheet size can be larger, to further increase the degree of freedom of design. We can according to the indoor acoustics design, different perforation rate control design, the absorption coefficient of composite structure in a certain range, not only to meet the design effect, but also can reasonably control the cost. At the same time through the control of hole diameter, hole spacing, and according to customer requirements change perforation rate, maximum perforation rate <30%, aperture is generally used for 2, 2.5, 3, Phi Phi specifications, with the same perforated panel backplane, sound-absorbing cloth using high-quality non-woven sound-absorbing materials.

Silencing punching plate products are mainly used in concert halls, theaters, recording studio, studio, room, conference room, listening gymnasium, exhibition hall, dance hall, KTV rooms, family auditorium factories, quiet room, court, hall, building sound mills and acoustic noise interrogation room place and super standard the sound absorption wall, large public building ceiling board. In fact, in addition to the use of sound can also be used as decorative plate punching.

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