PC chassis market at present, the consumer is becoming more and more high to the requirement of the case, not only hope the case complete function more complete, more affordable price. Also wants to chassis design more human, more outstanding individual character, as the domestic well-known peripherals manufacturers package has been at the forefront of chassis manufacturing science and technology, the excellent work.

Recently have a new chassis, a mesh lead chassis design trend, in terms of appearance, the challenger with a unique design style show fashion and personality, it inspired by sports car design, thick, steady heavy, break through the traditional rigid plane, collocation is very have administrative levels feeling. Chassis dazzle light LOGO in the middle of the power button, the dazzling colors bring different sense. And smooth silver line and bring lively and clever the look and feel of the metal nameplate as enclosure, not only embodies the player's noble identity. More embodies the cooler's attention to detail. Lander I chassis adopts full mesh panel, guarantee the chassis internal air circulation, the top and close the handle of the design

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