Infrared combustion special metal net ferrochrome aluminium net has superior heat resistance, oxidation resistance, sulfur resistance and anti - cementite and with light weight and high surface load, high resistivity, high temperature and long life and other characteristics. Ferrochrome aluminium net products of our company can do ferrochrome aluminium net slitting, punching, punching - deep processing according to user requirements. Performance: high temperature resistance
Industrial uses: mainly used in metallurgy, coal mine, printing and dyeing factory, food factory, hospital, high density board factory, cardboard factory and other units for drying and heating equipment.
Civilian uses: mainly used in electric industry, household appliances, far infrared device ideal fever materials, household appliances need fever and heat resistant products.
Fe Cr alloy with high resistance electrothermal high resistivity and temperature coefficient of resistance is small, the use of high temperature characteristics. Under the high temperature resistant corrosion, is particularly suitable for containing sulfur and sulfur atmosphere in use and has the advantages of light weight, high surface load, long life, low price of a series of advantages, industrial electric furnace, household appliances, far infrared device ideal heating material.

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