(1) stainless steel thermal conductivity is poor

So to use a long time to heat, in order to make the workpiece from the center to the surface temperature uniformity, low temperature uniformity of temperature uniformity, it is necessary to preheat.

(2) austenitic stainless steel thermal expansion serious

Austenitic stainless steel heating, cooling will produce deformation, so the choice of fixture, heating speed and cooling methods should take this into account.

(3) surface cleaning

Stainless steel surface attached to the surface of debris or oil, etc., after the heat treatment of the surface state and corrosion resistance has a great impact, so the surface before the heat treatment is more important than other steel.

(4) heating atmosphere

Stainless steel if carburizing or nitriding, it will damage its corrosion resistance, even if the local carburizing or nitriding is also serious. And will affect the subsequent pickling process, which is the value of the commodity is decisive, so the control of the furnace atmosphere is very important.

In addition, it is also important to control the grain size when the stainless steel is heat treated. But also often pay attention to heat treatment and corrosion, brittle relationship.

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