Stainless steel mesh cleaning method

First, wash with a watering can

Experienced persons introduced the method of cleaning stainless steel screens with spray bottles. The results are good and can be emulated. Use a spray bottle to spray water while cleaning with a rag, but it is best to use a large pressure spray bottle, so that the impact of water is more powerful, dirt is more likely to wash out.

If the stainless steel screen can be removed, it can also be washed with a shower head. Inspired by the powerful spray bottle, some housewives thought of using pressure guns to clean the screens. According to user feedback, the cleaning effect was very good.

Second, edge rubbing

Some stainless steel screens, even if they can be removed but are very strenuous, might as well be cleaned directly on the windows. Most people will pull down invisible screens and think of ways to clean them. The screens are soft and not well cleaned. In fact, there is a good way, we may wish to give it a try. The screens were not completely put down, but they were wiped a little. This rag is always in the root of the stainless steel screen, you can use the force, the dust will easily wipe out.

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