Stainless steel wire mesh is not rusty in most people's eyes, and people are often confused by the word "stainless steel". In fact, stainless steel is not absolutely rusty and corrosive in chemical media is not particularly stable Nickel, chromium, copper, molybdenum, titanium, niobium, nitrogen and other chemical elements will affect the corrosion of stainless steel wire mesh, people have been on the strict requirements of stainless steel wire mesh, then, how to store stainless steel wire mesh should be noted The problem.

Storage of stainless steel wire mesh where the ventilation effect is better, but also dry, clean, and can avoid direct sunlight, in the face of bad weather to do protective measures to avoid the impact of the weather caused by the weather. Stainless steel wire mesh in the packaging requirements are more stringent, to prevent acid, alkali oils and organic solvents and other substances in contact. Treasury temperature should be appropriate, generally about 25 degrees, try to avoid moisture, place the stainless steel mesh should be put in accordance with the specifications in order to find, if not for a long time, it is necessary to timely flip.

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