Stainless steel punching net material stainless steel, popular to say, is not easy to rust. In fact, a part of the stainless steel is stainless, but also has the acid resistance (corrosion resistance). Stainless steel corrosion resistance is due to the formation of surface chromium rich oxide film (passive film), but in fact, the stainless steel will not rust? The answer is: will. This corrosion resistance of stainless steel is relative, the experimental results show that the steel in the atmosphere, water and other weak medium and nitric acid and other oxidizing media in the corrosion resistance is not the same. Stainless steel and many metals as influenced by the environment by hand contact or contact the air will be rust, in addition, the surface of stainless steel workpiece after machining, for example: after welding, stamping, crimping and heat treatment process, the oxide layer of a layer of black sclerosis metamorphism, and formed a lot of visible or see the tiny burr and sharp burr, in general, by mechanical means it is very difficult to remove them, affect the workpiece material characteristics of the play, in order to solve these problems, people used a lot of methods to prevent rusting of steel parts and rusty steel parts will rust removal, but prevent the relative ratio of steel rust rust stains to be a lot more meaningful.

Stainless steel has a beautiful surface and good corrosion resistance, do not have to go through the surface treatment, so the application of a wide range, including the application of decorative hardware industry. Decorative stainless steel pieces, such as handle, handle and other products in the form after the general need to go through the surface polishing treatment. After polishing the surface of the product except for very smooth and shiny, beautiful, the antirust performance will be greatly improved. The reason is that in the polishing process, the product surface of high-speed friction heat, make product surface formed a layer of molecular arrangement relative to the neat compact Cr film, the membranous septum of left oxygen in steel and intrusive to corrosion. From this view, steel parts rust on the steel surface to do a good job of chromium coating protection, protection of the chromium film, of course, it is to maintain the surface of the chromium film intact, as far as possible from the collision, including flowers, etc.. Also often to clean the surface to prevent something like perspiration, grease and air containing acidic dust and corrosive material attached to its surface, thus causing corrosion.

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