The choice of grid cloth

With the addition of external grid mesh products, we choose the same time, will feel a trace of doubt, how to choose high-quality products. We have carried out some analysis, which came to the following results. General high-quality grid cloth products tend to have a certain degree of stretch, to ensure that the product is durable, and have a certain anti-alkali effect.

Because the strong resistance to alkali products, often have a certain tensile strength, and feel fine, more comfortable to use clothes, not easy to break the phenomenon. Faced with the market quite a mixed product, we can observe and touch the way to determine.

We can find that the overall quality of the product is more delicate and smooth touch, the use of lasting. While the poor quality of the product is rough, and even in the work of the phenomenon of displacement. Such products can not achieve a solid effect, often used soon will be the phenomenon of fracture. We are in the purchase of products at all times, we must pay attention to the quality.

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