The development trend of punching net bender with

With the continuous improvement of industrial production requirements, perforated metal mesh bending machine will be used in the development of the following directions:
1. Automated operation
Developed for a variety of bending machines and bending parts of various special industrial robot is to achieve operational automation, bending FMC (Flexible Manufacturing Cell) and a prerequisite for inclusion sheet metal processing FMS (flexible manufacturing system). Now there have been more successful tortuous Bender the robot.
2. Further improve the bending precision
Various measures to improve the existing bending precision will promote the use of the bending machine, there will be a variety of adaptive control system, so that high-precision bending machine continued to increase. High-precision CNC bending machines also will be further developed.
3. The continuous development of new technology and equipment for bending
Many have multi-channel bend, bend multilateral typical parts, and the parts it is appropriate in the process of bending machines, beyond the current requirements of the bending and folding process, to achieve a variety of cross-bending process, the introduction of edge type new technology, further development of new or special bending machine bending machine.

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