Punching board we have seen, such as Banks, hospitals, parks and other public places of seating, office building of the ceiling, wall decoration, etc. The perforated plate of how to carry on the processing, how to choose suits own punching board, processing process which need to pay attention to? The following will give you a simple introduce.

1. First of all, according to the use of the perforated plate on the environment and the material selection, for example with sound-absorbing board in the process of material selection in general to choose the aluminum or aluminum alloy material, because of their weight is lighter, installation is convenient, safe, beautiful color, etc.

2. In some of the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, strong corrosive, damp places, we usually choose stainless steel plate, because the advantage of stainless steel is non-toxic, resistance to acid and alkali, moisture proof, not rust.

3. Coal, iron ore, etc. When used, should choose the material of manganese steel, hot plate, etc. Series, they have the advantages of wear-resisting, strong bearing capacity.

After molding, punching plate also can to a certain surface treatment, the overall assurance, thus lay a foundation for its better use.

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