Austenitic stainless steel wire has good corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance, good low temperature performance and excellent mechanical and added r energy. So widely used in chemical, oil, power, nuclear engineering, aerospace, marine, pharmaceutical, light industry, textile and other departments. Its main purpose is to rust and rust.

Stainless steel corrosion-resistant mainly rely on surface passivation film, if the membrane is incomplete or defective, stainless steel wire mesh will be corroded. Engineering is usually carried out pickling passivation treatment, so that the corrosion resistance of stainless steel to play even greater. In the process of forming, assembling, welding, weld inspection (such as testing, pressure test) and construction marking, stainless steel equipment and components bring surface oil, rust, non-metallic dirt, low melting metal contaminants, paint, welding Slag and spatter, etc. These materials affect the surface quality of stainless steel wire mesh equipment and components, destroying the oxide film on its surface, reducing the overall corrosion resistance and resistance to local corrosion (including pitting, crevice corrosion) Will lead to stress corrosion cracking.

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