Building from the road only 100 meters away, there are some of the impact of the living, mainly in: 1, the impact of noise. Despite taking the measures of "noise", noise is not to be ignored, noise is mainly air vibration and noise, the train whistle sound, at night interference is especially obvious. Secondly, the regardless of speed, the through train, ground vibration, a physical phenomenon that is unavoidable, the building will followed a small vibrating; third, the as for the so-called "strong electromagnetic radiation effect should is not exist, do not worry too much.

It is necessary to install the sound insulation wall.

Road noise wall materials: green building materials, no radioactivity, no formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful substances, in case of high temperature or open flame will not produce harmful gases and smoke.

The fire index of highway noise wall: A-class non combustible materials; resistant to the high temperature of 2400 degrees.

Highway noise wall features: in handling, installation and use in the process. It is not easy to damage, waterproof, moistureproof, mothproof, mildewproof and antibacterial. Good water resistance, damp environment, intensity loss, compared with the traditional sound-absorbing materials, product maintenance low cost, not easy ageing, long service life.

Application: train into the city through the residential area, office area, used for sound insulation.

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