Aluminum antirust technology failure type is diverse, mesh structure complexity, a row of composition and hold service environment etc. have influences on the. Generally thought, the rust of failure types are divided into the following two:
Because of the rust proof aluminum mesh mismatch resulting from the failure of coating in each layer function itself is not the same, the rust coefficient vary greatly. The V type antirust technology open on one side of the bottom, the welding starting at the base is the selection of comparative ambition, do one of the strengths of: complex layer anti rust film can reduce the repeated heating, as far as possible prevent the former weld temperature sensitization effect and the bottom side of the weld heat affected zone of weld layer in complex. The anti rust function of the joint is favorable. Its strengths: prevent the V type antirust technology in complex layer side syndiospecific, reducing the clad side melting ratio, constraints of the aluminum mesh transition of plastic tape screen width, is conducive to mesh plastic progress.
In addition to the rust rate to reduce the ratio of aluminum mesh, can also make the cross section of weld mesh is basically symmetrical. On the submerged arc welding is increased by the line energy, the bottom of the mesh is composed of metal rust symmetry. That such a symmetry of mesh rust stress spread favorable, is particularly worth mentioning, of two kinds of metal welding stress difference as to compensate, to improve the joint of plastic is more favorable. This can be significantly better than other non confirmed by the results of the skill experiment. Otherwise, because of steel net expansion coefficient greatly beyond the carbon steel, welding sheet rust when, during the cooling process, the elongation of the two dissimilar metals, the relationship is not the same as, forming larger stress difference, easy to layer. Therefore, only when the bottom side by the heat, will be the two mesh rust stress distribution tends to be near. Also similar to the U-shaped groove welding transition layer, visible for flat position welding, just line energy properly small, derusting method does not swing, do not make matrix tablets on the turn, the steel net rusty rate reduced to a minimum.

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