What are the reasons for the acceptance of the aluminum doors and windows?

Aluminum-clad windows are basically solid wood, with aluminum alloy profiles and wood through the machine approach from the profile. This kind of doors and windows with two decorative consequences, from the interior is warm and elegant wooden windows, but from the outside to see but noble luxury aluminum windows. So that both to meet the building inside and outside the doors and windows of the substandard materials, to retain the characteristics of doors and windows of the characteristics of warfare, outer aluminum alloy has played a cover effect, and easy to maintain, can be held in the outer layer of a variety of color spraying, Cover the whole of the building.

This type of sash is in the open state of the wind hit the wind, the sash can automatically track into the push state, so that the windows will not be due to repeat the opening and broke the glass; and the window after the closure of the level can be automatically locked, Security security. Another kind of aluminum and wooden open on the hanging window, with a handle will be able to complete the opening, hanging on the two functions, while meeting the window ventilation and breathable function.

Aluminum bags wooden doors and windows began to Qiao door industry market aluminum bags of doors and windows in addition to the night is the characteristics of insulation, energy saving, anti-sand. It is outside the solid wood and wrapped a layer of aluminum alloy, so that doors and windows of the more tightly sealed, effective days to isolate the invasion of sand. When the summer is easy to tolerate, but also to block the outdoor heat, reduce the loss of indoor air-conditioning; cold summer is not frozen, condensation, by the music can refuse the window.

Single-frame double-fan aluminum composite window, the outer fan for the aluminum window sash, the inner fan for the mixed wooden windows fan, is between the two layers of windows to reduce the blinds curtains, do not open the window can be adjusted curtains; and mixed wooden window unique Of the plan, so that the window of the insulation and decorative more convex, with the indoor wood flooring, wooden doors, furniture, mutual compromise, complement each other.

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